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“I feed off of energy. I write in the moment. I perform from within. I don’t confine my craft. I allow my craft and my creativity to flow freely.” These words by Lesley B. through both definition and action, make him a surrealist. With humble beginnings, Lesley B. has begun his journey into making a name for himself in South Florida. 

After winning 1st place in a talent showcase at the age of ten, performing the song "Free At Last", it was then that Lesley B. knew that the stage was his destination and music was his roadmap.  Lesley B.’s sultry sound, dynamic vocals, and thought provoking lyrics have positioned him for stardom through appearances on X-Factor and Deco Drive (WSVN-7). Lesley B. also placed honorable mention in the International Songwriter’s Competition.

Lesley B. is inspired by Motown legend Smokey Robinson and chart topping singer/songwriter Ne-Yo. “I am moved by the stories that Smokey Robinson and Ne-Yo are able to formulate through words in music. As a listener and reader you envision the story unfolding. You feel every beat that inspires each word and that is what I do.” says Lesley B.

Lesley B. expresses himself by lyrically transforming words into a vision and transferring the vision into whatever genre of music his mind allows him to, whether Pop, Funk, or R&B, the story will be told.

​His latest project is in motion with the anticipated release of his Debut EP, Unique. Unique taps into the personal journey of Lesley B. as a singer/songwriter. It is not the lyrical content that gives this EP its name. Unique's title is inspired by the journey and discovery of Lesley B. finding his voice and who he truly is as an artist. Unique is about not being afraid to connect with the music and being free to express the music as it comes, without boundaries or barriers.

​ With the release of his latest project, Lesley B. looks forward to developing  a loyal fan base, but most importantly inspiring individuals to follow their dreams and embark on whatever paths their souls lead them to.

This is only the beginning for Lesley B. as HIStory is still being written.

1. [sur·re·al·ism] səˈrēəˌlizəm

 noun: surrealism

1. a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind